Bojack Horseman season 6

Everyones favourite alcoholic horse is back!

That’s right Bojack Horseman is back on Netflix this week which saw the show returning for its sixth season. We will be recapping and lightly overview the sixth season so let’s get started.

With the climactic ending of season five, we saw our favourite functioning alcoholic pill popping horse had taken his new pill addiction to new extremes that added with Diane and Mr Peanutbutter struggle to deal with their feelings and their future followed by Todd and Princess Caroline having a large crisis of their own.  

Season 6 comes at us with only eight episodes this season with the final episode January 31st which is a little odd but given the feel of the new season, it does give way to thoughts that maybe this may be the end of Mr Horseman.

This season starts out with Bojack in a Malibu rehab facility in which he deals with some emotional turmoil from the past of his life and most recently which while he’s grappling with that it leaves us open to go check on some of the other cast where we find that they have all started doing their own thing even more independent from Bojack than the last season Diane has hit the road doing expose’s with a potential new love interest.

This season Diane has hit the road doing expose’s with a potential new love interest leaving bojack and Mr Pb in the past?!?!. very sweet story she is actually kicking butt with her online exposes until big corps come that is..

Todd now being fired from ad sales department has plenty of jobs on the table even some closer to home with princess caroline now having a baby in the nest she is getting down with what it’s like to be a mother full time and work full time.

So there is the set up of season 6 it is a really good season its different and it  gave me impressions that it could very well be the end for the beloved  Bojack horseman I did some digging  and it does seem to be that the show shall be ending which is sad for me to type but it has been a good show it hasn’t let down fans IMO. All good things must come to an end this is how you know it was a good thing. Who knows how the series will end I have a few ideas myself which I will make into another article which I will link below, also keep your eyes on our website and social media

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