Raising dion


Recently I was browsing my Netflix upcoming releases I came across ‘Raising Dion’ a new show due to be released so like any good Netizen I added it to my list. Some additional information is that the series is based on a comic from 2015

Raising Dion comic cover

I watched the trailer and I have to say I was pretty intrigued by what I saw, the show was reminiscent of the hit show ‘Heroes’ the same old formula group of people get powers > struggle > enemy > uniting together yada yada yada… BUT there was something different about this show I didn’t know what but something was different. Here’s the trailer take a peak;

Netflix official trailer

After the trailer, you can see it looks pretty interesting from the foxy mother Nikki Reese (portrayed by Alisha Wainwright) to elusive father Mark Warren (Portrayed by Michael B Jordan) with a hint of an overpowered villain which makes you really want to know what is going on in the background. So when the time finally came I rushed to my sofa to start the BINGE, which went down smoothly. I am not going to try to ruin the whole story for you but I will try my best to go over my likes and dislikes with the premier series.

based on the comic book of the same name by Dennis Liu, a commercial/music video director.
Telekinesis for all!!!

My initial thoughts were the show seemed your average hero show, what I found interesting is that the character is a child this time. The show switches focus from how this little boy Dion is handling the dream many people have of having super powers to his mother dealing with the fact her son has super powers and her dream of a simple life is flying like superman straight out the window.

Even super heroes need mama

As the series develops they lay down the cast of whose who and the show moves into showing the mothers struggle with hiding her sons powers and the sons struggle having powers they do this both together and separately and shows some powers from Dion and other characters.. Maybe 😉 As well as some character building with the supporting cast. One thing I did like there is a scene between Dion’s friend and him which sheds a light on people with disabilities which gives an insight into the feelings of people that are different, I really think the show does a good job at addressing this! There’s a whole ark of a villain which I was pleasantly surprised about how it all unraveled which made the show an even more an enjoyable experience. The downside I would say about the show is that Dion is only a young boy, so he can be a minor irritation when making decisions which can be tedious thankfully it doesn’t happen much Also some of the scenarios that boy gets into lord give me strength but like I said he is a young boy. Closing thoughts good show I am excited to see how the story unfolds in the future and who knows what powers we are yet to see.

The whole series is now available to watch now on Netflix so if you like an original story with good effects and decent story then shoot on over and give it a watch now.

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