Rick and Morty Season 4 NEWS

With only a month left of waiting for the highly anticipated season 4 of Rick and Morty.

Adult Swim has gifted us all with the official trailer for the new season which drops November 10th.

After nearly a two year break we will be sitting down for the first half (sadly only five episodes) of rick and Morty, with the second half expected to drop 2020. I for one am very excited to be welcoming them back our screens. The last time we saw Rick and Morty they had just finished off having a bro down with The US President, ultimately ending in our boys winning of course resulting in Rick pretending to switch himself for another (fly fishing) Rick from a new dimension to end the feud..for now.

Rick and Morty then return home, while leaving one (white) house in ruins another seems to be becoming whole with Jerry back on the scene & Rick being less than pleased.

Let’s view the new trailer below and see what our two favorite inter dimensional hustlers in the universe are up to:

Judging by the trailer season 4 looks to be epic with MORE aliens, MORE chaos and MORE adventures from our dream team duo. The trailer does give away some action shots without context though, so it shouldn’t affect the viewing experience either way it is a solid trailer and the season looks set to be awesome! So be sure to tune in and check out when it drops November 10th 11:30pm E/P.

FYI: The show’s been guaranteed at least 70 more glorious episodes to conclude their story, so there is a load more in store before their journey comes to an end.

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