South park china ban

As like many South Park fans I am sure you are keeping abreast with the latest season 23 of the hit adult cartoon comedy show, in keeping up to date I am referring to the recent wave of news about the second episode of the season “band in china” straight away from the episode title you know shits about to hit the fan. Anyway, after the airing of this episode, the show has been completely scrubbed from the Chinese internet not even leaving behind a Gif or MP4.

  The episode sees two plot lines both starting similar then ending in two different results the whole point of the episode is to parody how the American media companies are imposing self-censorship in order to avoid their product being prohibited by the Chinese censorship authorities, below is images from the episode and a super brief description of each plot line;

Due to life on the farm Stan has started a death metal band which is trying to break the Chinese market
Randy’s adventure trying to sell integrity weed to the Chinese (Pictured above)

The episode has brought attention to the 2017 Winnie the Pooh ban in China which was enforced due to memes comparing the President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping to the character. In one scene of the episode, several NBA players can be seen boarding a plane to China, including James Harden who on October 7th, 2019, apologized to China for a previous tweet made by Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey.

As it seems that there  are a number of companies like have recently gotten into China’s bad books they have most commonly issued an apology and not to fear the team at South Park have issued their unapologetic apology please have a look below

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